Thanks for visiting my site. Please drop by, say hello and let me know what you've been up to.



01/07/2009 09:29

Hey Sara,
I'll be contacting you soon about making a few quilts this year.

Betty Minney
03/22/2009 16:45

Holy Cow! What a prodigious output -- and such variety! Bravo! And to maintain a website as well!

04/16/2009 06:33

Hallo Sara,

it has been a good idea to visit your
"exhibition". Wonderfull quilts, wonderfull
themes and colours! Congratulations!!

Karen Prockish (karen marie)
05/01/2009 18:35

Sara is a true artist!

Sara has quilted at least a dozen quilts for me. They are beautiful!!! The quality of Sara's work is magnificent! I would recommend her quilting to anyone and in fact have done so.


Willie Braudaway
08/11/2009 16:06

Hi Sara --

Your website is truly a reflection of your wonderful talents and generous spirit. I especially like the purple bargello :) Thanks for being my friend.

patricia lunn
09/11/2009 08:17

hi, sara. what a wonderful colorful website. Sara's good! I trust her with my quilts.

diane carrillo
10/03/2009 09:31

I love your site and your work. Thanks for your down-to-earth friendship and phillosophy.

Gerrie Miller
01/11/2010 15:53

Sara, I enjoyed being in your studio again today. It's a nice place to be. Thank you for such beautiful work you have done for me in the past and l look forward to getting a quilt to you soon.

Sharon Grissom
02/09/2010 07:46

Hello Sara,
I'm not sure if you remember me but my husband Mark Grissom and myself have been to your lovely home 6-8 years ago. Mark was on the B.A.S.S. Federation Board in the East Texas Region. and on the State team when Ron was Team Captain or Leasder or whatever. I remember what a wonderful studio you had then and it's amazing to see what it has become today. Your quilts are of course as beautiful now as they were back then. I was just looking online at quilts and ran across your website....take care and see you someday again hopefully.

Sharon Grissom

anne walker
03/26/2010 05:26

I loved the hours I have spent in your studio!

Guillermo (Bill) Esparza
03/31/2010 19:49

Next time I'm in your neck of the woods, or lake, I'll drop by. Hasta la vista. -Bill

Janet Seaman
04/05/2010 13:39

Sara....Thanks for putting the "art" in my quilts, all 18 of them. I have only known you for a year and a half and consider you a friend for life. I will be sending more quilts down from Michigan. Janet Seaman

Bill Sontag
04/22/2010 06:57

Sara, this site is a great idea, very clever. Moreover, it's the proof everyone should see that when it comes to colors and arrangements, you've got the eye!


Jan Fenimore
04/26/2010 17:52

Hi, Sara: How fun and inspiring to see your website and read your story! You really have done some amazing things, but I knew that when I lived in Del Rio. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello! Listen to this: For years, I've designed really unique and colorful dresses in my mind, and finally I'm ready to let them out..."Beautiful Butterfly Designs" is coming out of its cocoon! Please send some creative vibes my way, and know that you're remembered fondly by me here in Ohio! May you continue to spread Light and Joy through the lovely creations that flow so beautifully from your Soul. Bye, Sara!
With Love from Jan (Fenimore) in the Heartland

Dewayne & Bobbie White
06/03/2010 14:12

Impressive "workwomenship" & website.

Karen Magee
06/22/2010 14:31

Hi Sara: Just Facebooked you. As usual, you have given 150% to you have done over the years with anything in which you are involved. Lovely.

May M. Carsten
07/07/2010 19:23

Hi Sara
It was great meeting you yesterday at the fabric bus. I knew of you for a long time mainly through Julie Seale. Your quilts are awesome--what a nice website.

Patty Austin
10/09/2010 06:50

Oh Sara, I love my two quilts you quilted for me. Your work is "THE BEST." I am so glad to know you and to know that I can send my quilts to you to be beautifully and professionally quilted by Sara. I LOVE your website - it's awesome too. You are one SPECIAL lady. I'm so glad to call you my friend.
Patty Austin

Claudia McCoy
10/10/2010 08:36

Sara has quilted many quilts for a friend and has now quilted two of my quilts. They are beautiful--she is truly an artist. I've contemplated buying a quilting machine but could never do the beautiful work that she does.

Charlene Wilson
12/04/2010 07:23

Sara is an artist and does outstanding work. She quilted my Bonnet Girls quilt and even put in all the lines of the skirts and sleeves for movement. The background is so beautiful and each square fits the lady in her beautiful gown.
The back is also a masterpiece..

patricia lunn
11/09/2011 07:09

Hi, Sara. Love your colorful quilt exhibit. Hope to see you soon. love pat

07/19/2012 17:00

I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.

Lisa Good
09/14/2012 14:17

Hello to my mentor, Sara!
To avid quilters everywhere - Sara is fantastic. She has a beautiful shop in her home that you can tour, she gives lessons, and is a mastermind at designing quilts. Give her a visit. If you're like me, you'll be hooked. I've made 9 quilts with her guidance. She also sells quilts or can sew a beautiful quilt pattern for your own quilt-top.
Thanks Sara for sharing your love of quilting with us.

Gerrie Miller
10/04/2013 15:05

Today was wonderful. Betty Wright and I spent the day with Sara learning how to make the Mondo bag. Sara is a wonderful teacher. She has done beautiful professional quilting for me and I'm always happy with each quilt. Thank you very much for having us today. The lunch was also delicious.

Betty Wright
10/06/2013 05:59

Sara, we had such a good time at your studio Friday. I would never have been able to put the Mondo Bag together myself. You are a wonderful hostess.
I just wish I had you talent for quilting.
Thank you again and am looking forward to joining you again.


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